Nikon D800 - Second Test with Sample Image (Studio Shoot)

This is the post for my second test with the D800 and while the first one was outdoors, the second one was shot in studio using a grey background. I kept the lighting simple and non-distractive, a Profoto D1 1000 (click here) with a Mola Demi (click here) and of course my already dear Nikon D800 (click here) with the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G (click here). Since a few people have been complaining that it takes them a while to get the D800 to work, I put that to the test. The objective was to get two headshots out of a 15 minute session (including lighting adjustments and not using an assistant). That's about the time you get when you do headshots of corporate executives. My personal best was 80 headshots in four hours including setup and tear down using one assistant.

The picture has some minimal retouching done, such as cropping, spotting, contrast adjustment and black-and-white conversion.