First Timers: Nicola Ferris

I do a lot of work with young girls and women who either want to become models or just want to feel like a model for a day. One of them is the beautiful Nicola.

We set out with the goal of creating a handful images she can use to start a portfolio and learn a little about posing and expressions in front of the camera, what we got were some stunning final images and a young woman who was very shy at first but quickly warmed up to the camera and became more confident with every shot, but see for yourselves...

Before and After Picture using the same lighting. The Before picture is a common "Polaroid" to send to agencies.

To make the experience complete, we worked with Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist Dawn Newsome. She is an amazingly talented artist and always a pleasure to work with.

For the photo shoot itself, we decided to go with different styles to show versatility and decided to go with two headshots and two body shots. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if this is something your daughter or your son would be interested in, use the Contact Form.